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Companies involved in the manufacture and supply of medical devices face an onerous task ensuring their products meet the new European Medical Device Regulations which come into force in 2020.  The new legal requirement for companies to undertake post-market surveillance similar to that currently undertaken by the drug companies will prove a challenge for medical device manufacturers. 

However, help is at hand.  MDMR is ideally placed to help companies preparing for the introduction of the new European Medical Device Regulations.  Contact us now to help you prepare plans for post-market surveillance to ensure your newly-developed medical devices comply with the forthcoming European MDR, and we can help you to deliver those plans so that your compliance with the new regulations is ongoing post-launch. We would also be delighted to work with you on your existing medical device products to ensure that your plans for these will meet the new standards when their CE Marks come up for renewal.

Medical Device Market Research will design a bespoke, highly cost-effective market research or post-market surveillance (PMS) programme that meets the specific needs of your product and your company, to ensure that you get the most useful and actionable feedback about your device and the market place in which it is being used. By applying a range of methodologies such as expert panels, advisory boards, patient panels, focus groups and in-depth interviews we can obtain honest, valuable insights from your key customers.  This valuable market research can help you to further develop your medical device products and your overall business to ensure that your products continue to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and users.

So, if you have a medical device market research project you would like us to help with, or want to understand how you could maximise the potential of your products, or if you simply want to discuss how market research could help with your product development, marketing or post-market surveillance, please contact us - the Medical Device Market Research Specialists.

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Medical Device Market Research Specialists

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